Experimental music theater show for 6 musicians, 50 minutes.
Premiere on 7 September 2015.

Words, things and sounds created by man transform him in return. When does an object in our environment alienate us? When language becomes a plastic material that can be deformed in its writing and meaning, how does it affect a child? How can we live in the pluralism and fragmentation of world representations? The new music theater show Scriptions addresses these questions of perception around madness, childhood, wonderful or monstrous reveries through a composition work extended to objects, movements, voices (written and oral) and space.

The 50-minute show brings together and articulates six pieces ranging from solo to ensemble, composed and staged in details. Controlled by multiple voices, musicians and performers play, sing or move in a polyphonic way, sometimes in counterpoint with themselves. The objects come to life, start resonating through acoustic transducers, a dressed cello even going as far as dancing and dying… From the play of the pianist’s two hands comes a dialogue of sentences projected inside the piano, opened like a book. A classical musician’s movements are diverted and a felt pen inserted into the oboe — a mute effect — begins to write. Writing, precisely, constitutes the formal common thread of the project, materialized in the hands of the public by an atypical concert program.