Emportés par l’intempestif manifesté… vogue alors, vole !

Score Excerpt


For 1 pianist and 1 percussionnist, 6’
1 grand piano
1 upright piano
1 shaman drum
1 marimba
1 kalimba (minimum 8 tines)
3 roto-toms (ex. 6’’ 8’’ et 10’’)
1 china cymbal

Premiere on 16 September 2011, Musikfestival Bern, Ensemble Makrokosmos.

The stage space does not necessarily serve to set a limit that would strictly distinguish fiction from life. The same is true of this composition inhabited by mad, sudden, recurrent, tragic spirits, as true as they are inside us, but manifested on stage. Thus impulses, encounters, memories and exhortations are opposed in a knot of forces to the absurd, the oblivion and the silence of the end.