Collision 1

Score Excerpt


For classical guitar et bass recorder, amplification ad lib.
2 minutes.
Premiere by Virginia Arancio and Teresa Hackel on 24 September 2016.
This piece is part of the cycle Collision 1 – Vacuum Fluctuations – Questions de temps. But it can also be played separately.

Creating a work on the theme of parallels between music and modern physics is an exciting challenge. It forces me to create music that is not the subjective expression of a composer in a defined style, but a form that “echoes the cosmos.”

This search for objectivity is found, for example, in the first movement of the cycle Collision 1. The open form is a way for me to distance myself from the musical material, which is also governed by the following quantum characteristics: granularity, indeterminacy, and relationship. Granularity because short musical fragments form particles arranged on the page. Indeterminacy because these particles can be played in a relatively free order. Relationship, finally, because the two musicians must be attentive to one another. The score of this first movement graphically resembles a particle collision.